How to translate : HTML Validator

There are 2 ways to translate the extension.

1. On the Web : Babelzilla.

You can use Babelzilla and these links:

For more information, see the Babelzilla site.

2. On your PC, with Mozilla translator

You need Mozilla Translator 5.03 and the JDK 1.4+
(Click on the links to download)

I have personally MozillaTranslator installed in : C:\my_prog\mozilla\src\translator

Step 1 - Start MozillaTranslator

> cd C:\my_prog\mozilla\src\translator
> start javaw -jar mt503.jar

Step 2 - Make a jar file with the english version

This is already done for you in the file of 0.70. The directory locale contains
> C:\my_prog\mozilla\src\translator\en-US\locale\en-US\tidy\tidy.dtd
> C:\my_prog\mozilla\src\translator\en-US\locale\en-US\tidy\

cd C:\my_prog\mozilla\src\translator\en-US
jar cfv en-US.jar locale

Step 2 bis - Make a jar file for an existing translation (optional)

Let say that you have a existing french translation. I mean the files:
> C:\my_prog\mozilla\src\translator\fr-FR\locale\fr-FR\tidy\tidy.dtd
> C:\my_prog\mozilla\src\translator\fr-FR\locale\fr-FR\tidy\

cd C:\my_prog\mozilla\src\translator\fr-FR
jar cfv fr-FR.jar locale

Step 3 - In Mozilla Translator - Import the en-Us file.

  • Go to the menu File / Manage product
  • Add
    - Name : tidy
    - jar file : C:\my_prog\mozilla\src\translator\en-US\en-US.jar 
  • Then Ok / Exit  

Step 4 - Update the glossary

  • Go to menu: Update product.
  • Choose Tidy
  • Then the following columns
    - File
    - Key
    - Text: Original
    - Text: Translated   
  • - Choose the locale in which you want to translate : ex: fr-FR for French

   A. You have never translated the extension.

      You can begin to translate.

   B. You have an existing translation

  • Close the internal window.
  • Go to Import / Import translation
    jar file : C:\my_prog\mozilla\src\translator\fr-FR\fr-FR.jar
    locale: fr-FR
  • Go to the menu Edit/Chrome View (choose the same fields than above and the locale)
  • Go down the tree until tidy.dtd and
  • Then translate the missing Strings

Step 5 - When finished

  • File/Save Glossary
  • File/Save settings
  • Export/Export jar file: translation_fr.jar

Step 6 - Include the translation in the XPI.

  • Download the source of the extension or the XPI file of your platform (here)
  • A XPI file is a zip file that you can uncompress it with winzip/zip.
  • Inside, you will find a tidy.jar file that is also a zip file, that can be uncompressed.
  • Inside, the directory "tidy_extension/jar/locale/en-US" contains all the strings that can be translate. It looks like this:
    - tidy_xxx.xpi (zip file)
       - chrome
         - tidy.jar (zip file)
            - locale/en-US/tidy (contains the files to translate)
  • Unzip the translation_fr.jar file. (a jar file is zip file)
  • Include the files in the source files of the extension in tidy_extension/jar/locale/<your lang> (see fr-FR for example)
  • rebundle the jar file. (= zip it and rename it to tidy.jar)
  • edit the install.rdf of the XPI file
    add a line to declare your language:
  <Description about="urn:mozilla:extension:file:tidy.jar">

  •   rebundle the XPI (=zip it and rename it with a .xpi extension for ex validator_fr.xpi )

Step 7 - Test in Firefox.

1) Start Firefox in the desired language.
    If you do use Firefox in English, you can also change the language on Windows by
      - by going to about:config
      - and changing the general.useragent.locale to the desired language (ex: fr-FR)
      - then restart firefox
2) Open the XPI file on your disk. It will be installed
3) Restart firefox,
4) Test
5) If there are some problem come back to MozillaTranslator and correct the translation.

Step 8 - Send me the file.

 When it work me the jar file with the translations and I will include it in the next 0.7x version. (

Additional info:

A. Translator strings:

There are special strings in the translation for the translator name and URL
-> tidy.dtd : tidy.translator: Name of the translator
-> tidy.dtd : tidy.translator.url: Website for the translation

B. Mozilla Translator documentation

A documentation of MozillaTranslator is available in the zip file in a OpenOffice format (.sxw). The website of MozillaTranslator is

C. Help files

The above document explain how to translate the dtd and properties files. If you want to translate the HTML help files, you can add them in tidy_extension/jar/content/help/<your lang>/*.html. If a file is not there, not translated, the en-US help file will be used instead.

D. Existing translations

Link to site
Base version
Czech   cs-CZ 0.7x
Original language
German de-DE 0.7x
hu-HU 0.7x
Japanese   ja-JP 0.7x
Polish pl-PL 0.7x
sk-SK 0.7x
Spanish   es-ES 0.7x

E. New in version 0.70

Since the version 0.70, it is possible to translate all the strings appearing on the screen. Also the error and warning messages generated by Tidy. They are now contained in If the help file are not translated in a translation, the en-Us
help file will be used instead.